11th 12th Arts/Commerce Classes in Nagpur

11th, 12th Arts/Commerce classes in nagpur

Over the past ten years, we have been providing coaching for students in 11th and 12th Arts classes in Nagpur in Hindi, Marathi, and English medium. The sole coaching facility in Nagpur that provides 11th and 12th-grade arts programmes is Gayatri Academy. Although they are written in plainer English, our academic notes nevertheless employ the same vocabulary. For art students at our academy, the outcome is 100%. We tell the students about competitive tests in addition to helping them prepare for the 11th and 12th grades so they can advance in life with greater success. The best art programmes in Nagpur for grades 11th and 12th.

To guarantee that our students are well-prepared for these exams, we have created an educational programme for 11th and 12th Arts classes in Nagpur that not only teaches the curriculum but also places a strong focus on its comprehension and understanding. To help them prepare for the exams, we give our students study tools including example papers and mock exams.


11th 12th Arts classes in nagpur

Our team of skilled teachers fully believes that one needs to have a solid understanding of the fundamentals of each topic to pursue professional courses like CA, CS, and CMA. For ten years, our centre has been instructing pre-foundation courses like XI-XII CBSE and State Board. The pupils are supported by a committed staff of experts.

Our team’s top players have continuously held spots in the top six in previous years, producing fantastic outcomes. We offer our students thorough study materials and advice, both of which are crucial to assist them in mastering the foundational ideas in their respective disciplines. 

We want to ensure that our students are adequately prepared for these exams, so we have designed an education system for 11th & 12th Arts classes in Nagpur, that not only teaches the syllabus but also emphasises the importance of understanding and comprehending it. We provide our students with study materials, such as sample papers and mock tests, to help them practise for the exams.

Features of the program are:

  • Expert Teachers: Gayatri Academy has experienced teachers and a sole teacher available to teach subjects to the students throughout the academic session.
  • Weekly Doubt Clearing Sessions: Teachers help the students by providing doubt-clearing sessions to clear their doubts arising for their specific subjects.
  • Regular assessment of the subject: Regular assessment is done to understand how much students have understood the subject and what kind of problems they are facing.
  • Updated Study Material: Comprehensive and complete study material is provided in Hindi / English / Marathi medium for the students to learn the subjects with complete understanding.
  • Detailed Theory NotesSubject-wise detailed theory notes are provided to the students throughout the academic year for advanced preparation for examinations.
  • Biometrics Attendance: Student’s biometric attendance keeps their parents informed about their daily attendance at the academy

We provide coaching for the following subjects in the Arts:

  1. Economics
  2. English
  3. Geography
  4. Hindi
  5. History
  6. Home Science
  7. Human Rights and Gender Studies
  8. Informatics Practices
  9. Mass Media Studies
  10. Philosophy
  11. Political Science
  12. Psychology
  13. Public Administration
  14. Sanskrit
  15. Sociology
  16. Marathi
  17. pali

11th 12th Commerce classes in nagpur

Gayatri Academy offers coaching for 11th and 12th commerce classes. The academy provides comprehensive coaching for all the subjects in the commerce stream. The faculty at the academy is highly experienced and qualified. They provide individual attention to each student and help them understand the concepts better. The academy also provides study material and practice tests to help students prepare for their exams. The academy also provides online classes for students who cannot attend regular classes.

We provide coaching for the following subjects in CBSE/State Board :

1. Book-keeping and Accountancy

2. Environment Education

3. Economics

4. Mathematics and Statistics

5. English

6. Computer Science

7. Business Studies 

8. Health and Physical Education

9. Information Technology

10.Secretarial Practice

11. Hindi/Marathi

11. Organization of Commerce and Management

Admission Open Class 12th CBSE/STATE BOARD , New Batch Start 12th ART 1st APRIL

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