9th class tuition in Nagpur

8th, 9th, 10th Coaching Classes in Nagpur

Gayatri Academy in Nagpur provides top-notch coaching for students in 8th, 9th, and 10th classes. Our experienced faculty ensures comprehensive guidance for each student’s academic journey.

We specialize in 10th-class coaching in Nagpur, where we prepare students for crucial board exams, imparting in-depth subject knowledge and exam strategies. Our 9th-class tuition in Nagpur helps build a strong foundation, making higher grades more achievable. Join Gayatri Academy to excel academically and secure a bright future. With our dedicated coaching, students gain the confidence and skills needed to succeed in their academic endeavors.

10th  (State Board/CBSE ) All Subject

Batch Starts from for -1st March, 2023

Syllabus Completion – November , 2024 

Test Pattern

Test of Every Sunday –August,2023 – Dec.,2024 (Single Chapter)

Group Test- Aug.,2023 – January  , 2024 (Paper on ½ Syllabus)

Test on Complete Syllabus- February ,2024

Chapter Wise Test Every Sunday

10th class coaching in Nagpur

Gayatri Academy provides State Board and CBSE Coaching (tution) for classes 8th, 9th, 10th in Hindi/Marathi/English medium. We cover all subjects like Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Hindi, English, Marathi, Sanskrit. We provide printed notes of all subjects. We have only 10 students in each batch, the main aim of making small batches is the teacher’s attention to each and every student. We are providing best 10th coaching classes in Nagpur.  Join Gayatri Academy, Nagpur, for 9th class tuition. Experienced tutors, comprehensive curriculum, and a nurturing learning environment. Enroll now!

Challenges faced by students-

  • Class 9th is crucial for a student’s career outlook, as the concepts introduced here form the foundation for all future exams.

  • Some students who are doing well till class 8th, but further they fear to study till class 9th.

  • Parents find it difficult to help their child with studies.

  • Due to the lack of daily self-practice, there is a continuous decline in the performance of the students.

How easy score help-

  • Self-study and more practice – We provide an in-depth learning platform where the student can learn and practice concepts to the desired level within the classroom itself. The student himself takes an interest in the study and becomes an active learner. 

  • Increases Concentration – Our teaching process increases concentration, interest, and attention span by reducing student disturbance. which allows the student to think deeply.

  • Enhance memory- Our notes have been prepared in such a way that the student can easily understand and remember them.

  • One-to-one tutoring – We have created a student-centered customized learning environment that helps each student learn concepts as per their education.

Our features: 8th, 9th, 10th Class Coaching in Nagpur

  • Expert Teachers: Gayatri Academy has experienced teachers and a sole teacher available to teach subjects to the students throughout the academic session.
  • Weekly Doubt Clearing Sessions: Teachers help the students by providing doubt-clearing sessions to clear their doubts arising for their specific subjects.
  • Regular assessment of the subject: Regular assessment is done to understand how much students have understood the subject and what kind of problems they are facing.
  • Updated Study Material: Comprehensive and complete study material is provided in Hindi / English / Marathi medium for the students to learn the subjects with complete understanding.
  • Detailed Theory Notes: Subject-wise detailed theory notes are provided to the students throughout the academic year for advanced preparation for examinations.
  • Biometrics Attendance – Student’s biometric attendance keeps their parents informed about their daily attendance at the academy
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